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McDonalds in Russia

McDonalds in Russia – how it can be
helpful for tourists and features


1 Introduction

2 How the Russian McDonalds can be useful for tourists

3 Is it safe?

4 Russian jokes about McDonalds

5 Special food from Russian McDonalds


All the pages of our website are created by Russian journalists. We work hard to provide you with a most valuable and actual information. The English language is not native to us, and we misspell sometimes. If you catch sight of a mistake, then please will not throw tomatoes at us, and leave the comment with the description of the mistake. A comment may be left at the end of every page.

McDonalds was the first Western fast-food appeared in the Soviet Union. The first eatery was opened in the 1990’s in Moscow on Pushkinskaya square. Most of the Soviet people thought of McDonalds as “a breath of the West and Freedom” and a presage of the future falling of The Iron Curtain.

In the first year of working of this eatery, the queue was enormous (see photo). People stood for more than 3 hours “to taste the West”.

Of course, this hysteria has already gone. The link between McDonalds and Freedom has disappeared from the Russian minds, and nowadays most of our people have a negative relation, believing the food is very unhealthy.

We will tell how the Russian McDonalds can be useful for tourists in Russia and will try to understand, can we recommend you eating anything they offer or not.

How the Russian McDonalds can be useful for tourists

The first benefit of this eatery for a foreign tourist is a free of charge WC. It is not a secret, it is not easy to find a restroom in Moscow, and McDonalds can become your rescue. We the Russians have a joke, “McDonalds in Russia is a network of toilets free of charge”. This joke means we are using their WC more often than are eating there.

The second benefit is McDonalds is a source of free of charge WiFi. But, do not be so happy in advance. WiFi is always working there, but the Internet access is not always available. Also, after connecting to the wireless network, you should pass a special registration that is not always available in English.

Usually, you want to sit down somewhere while using the Internet, but there are no free places to sit in most of the eateries, because they are overfilled. On the photo on the left, you may see how a small queue looks like; imagine yourself a large queue. If you find the eatery that is far from subway or train stations, then it will be unfilled, but this situation is rare.

Another benefit is McDonalds is opened at morning, and you can have breakfast. If you book hotel without breakfast included, then the eatery will be useful. The breakfast problem is still actual in Moscow, and only fast-foods resolve it somehow. We advise to book a hotel with breakfast included, so, you will avoid the situation when you will need to choose between McDonalds and nothing.

There is a great problem with breakfast at McDonalds in Russia. It consists of pork dishes. Many of tourists do not eat pork because of religion or health care ideas. If you are a foreigner, then there will be no way to understand which dish contains pork, and which is not.

You can ask for the menu in English. We tried to make a photo of this menu for our readers, but the McDonalds staff forbidden to do it and asked us to leave. We can only describe, how good the translation is. Unfortunately, you will cannot understand the composition, basing on their description.

You can only hope some of the staff know the words “pork” or “beef”. But, you should not seriously hope for it. Many students were working in McDonalds a few years ago, and you could have good chances to meet an English speaking person among the staff. Now the situation is different. Most of the personnel are people from CIS countries, and they even hardly speak Russian, not to mention about English.

The conclusion is, if you do not eat pork, then you better will not visit the Russian McDonalds in the morning.

Is it safe?

Is it safe to use McDonalds WC? Yes, it is safe.

Is it safe to eat their food? It is hard to say. In the 2014 The State Sanitary Service of Russia started a mass examination of these eateries. 14 of them were closed. The process is still continuing, some of the eateries are closing and opening again, and we do not know when will it end.

On the photo on the right, you may see a Russian activist protesting against bad quality of food in McDonalds. His name is Vladislav Sapegin, and he tells all the truth about the Russian McDonalds. He is the courageous fighter for truth; we wish him luck.

If to ask the Russians about McDonalds, most of us will say this food is extremely bad for health. We know in other countries the situation is the same. We consider the reason is McDonalds never tells about all the ingredients they use in their dishes.

Many people consider most of the ingredients originated from a chemical factory instead of a food factory. We do not have access to a chemical laboratory, but we want to make a simple experiment. As we wrote in other our articles, when we the Russians want to estimate the quality of any meat product, then we offer this food to a cat.

If a cat eats this foodstuff, then we will be sure in a natural composition. If a cat does not eat, then we will never put it in our mouths too. To make our experiment better, we found street cats in Moscow in the summer, 2015. These cats are hungry; they are always hungry. We offered them a fresh hamburger we just bought at McDonalds. Only one of the cats bit a little piece, but was not satisfied. See photos below.

You may protest, “Maybe they were NOT hungry?”. We made a second experiment after the first one had ended. We offered them a pack of cream. We bought it in advance, because we wanted to thank them for taking part in our experiments somehow. Their reaction to cream was really strong. See the next photos below.

As you see, the cats decided not to risk, so, we recommend following this way. We do not know nothing about McDonalds food in other countries, maybe it is more attractive to animals because of a better composition. Now we are talking about the Russian McDonalds. You can make your own conclusion based on our experiments. We only declare the fact. The cats suppose this food as not eatable.

Russian jokes about McDonalds

We have a lot of jokes about McDonalds. We will tell most funny of them.

A person came to McDonalds and made an order. The salesman asks, “Will you be eating in our restaurant or outside?” The man reply, “If I had money for a restaurant, then I would not go to the McDonalds”.

The idea of the joke is simple. The McDonalds staff declares their place is a restaurant. It is ridiculous from the Russians point of view. In our minds, a restaurant is a place with comfortable chairs, good-looking tables and waiters taking your order. McDonalds is an eatery and no more.

A person came to McDonalds, made an order and gave a 1000 ruble banknote to the salesman. The salesman says, “Your thousand roubles here”. The customer answers, “No, now it is your thousand roubles”.

The idea is also simple. The salesmen in the eatery always repeat as a mantra, “Your hundred roubles here” or “Your two hundred roubles here”. But in fact, then they took the money, the ownership of this money already transferred from buyer to McDonalds. They must give you a change and food you ordered, and these objects are yours.

We the Russians have an iron evidences that US astronauts never been to the Moon. There is no McDonalds eatery on the Moon.

This joke shows us a very strong link between McDonalds and The United States, formed in Russian mass consciousness. McDonalds is the main symbol of US for many of us.

Special food from Russian McDonalds

There is one very interesting burger called “Beef ala Rus”. It is unusual because the bun is made of rye. Of course, we tasted this burger and want to express our opinions. This bun will have nothing similar to genuine Russian rye bread.

If you want to gain your experience with Beef ala Rus, then you will probably fail. This burger is out of the main menu, and you can find it from time to time. As officials of McDonalds say, “We do not have the intention to input Beef ala Rus in the main menu”.

Another interesting dish in the eatery is “village style potato”. It is similar to fries, but the pieces are larger. This type is common in many countries of the Eastern Europe.

Another burger is also widespread in CIS countries; it is called “Big Tasty”. It is extremely large (see photo).

There is no beer in Russian McDonalds, but tea, soda, coffee, mineral water and juice.

Now a few of the eateries are changing their working system, embedding vending machines. As we understand, now it is only an experiment. If this new system gets spread, we will surely write about it.

Have a good time in Russia. See other articles about our country (the list of the links is located below and on the left from the text).

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