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5 reasons why hiring a private guide is better
than ordering an excursion

In this article we want to compare two ways of sightseeing in Moscow. The first way is to hire a private guide, and the second way is to participate in a group excursion. Of course, a private guide is the best choice, and we will tell five reasons why it is.

The first reason - all attention to you

Taking part in a group excursion, you are not in control of your time. At every interesting site you are forced to spend as much time as it is planned according to the plan. This fact annoys most of tourists. If you hired a private guide, you would be free to decide about places you want to stay longer or places you want to skip.

During a group excursion, you will hear a short explanation about every attraction, and a guide is usually not interested in your impression. You may ask a few questions only at the end of the action. We do not want to say guides are working bad, just too many people take part. It is impossible to pay attention to everybody.

A private guide is always concentrated on you. If you do not understand something, then a private guide will explain it for you deeper. If you want to know more, a private guide will tell you everything he knows.

If you need any help, a private guide will help you. You paid the time and are free to rule the roost. Do you want to exchange currency and need help? Do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Are you interested in shopping? Do not afraid to ask to stop by. Do you want to purchase something, but afraid the price is unjustified high or not sure in quality? A private guide will help you in communication with a salesman.

The most common problem for foreigners is to purchase a SIM-card with a mobile access to the internet. In this case a private guide will assist you in choosing a tariff and talking with a salesman. If there are some threats on the route like pocket thieves or cheaters, then a private guide will warn you and give valuable instructions.

The second reason – an individual route

After learning the list of tourist sites you will visit during a group excursion, usually, you understand not all of them are interesting for you. You would skip some of them with pleasure, but it is not possible because of the schedule. You can create your own route attractive for you. Together with a private guide it is easy.

Moscow is a large city with terrible road traffic and overflowing subway. A private guide knows the best time for starting the trip and returning to your hotel. Wise time management will help you to receive better experience.

We Russians say, “War is war, but the lunch is always according a schedule”. With a private guide you may choose in advance a restaurant for lunch. A guide will show the list of restaurants along the route, and you may choose the most attractive place for you.

In you want to taste national Russian dishes, for example, borscht, pelmeni or syrniki, just support a private guide with your list.

Only primary attractions are visited during a group excursion. You will never know about other interesting sites near. A private guide will offer you to look at everything interesting on the way.

The third reason - a private guide tells the truth

During a group excursion a guide is always dictate a text that is recommended. To tell the truth, these texts frequently are not truthful. A private guide usually tells the truth. We will show you a few examples:

- Near the Red Square there is the monument to army general Georgy Zhukov. Guides will tell you he is the famous “General of Victory” of The Great Patriotic War. But none of them will not tell you his nickname among soldiers was “The Butcher”. He ordered to execute thousands of Russian soldiers and officers. He compensated his lack of talent with terror and the lives of others. Many Russians consider this monument is a shame for our country.

- In VDNKh in Moscow there is the Cosmonauts Alley. There you can find few monuments to Russian astronauts and rocket constructors. Sergey Korolev is one of them. Guides will tell you he constructed first Russian rockets. But, they will not tell you the communist government arrested him in 1938, tortured him, and he spent 6 years in a jail without a fault.

Only a private guide will show you the real Russia, will tell you facts that group excursion guides prefer pass over in silence.

The fourth reason – a private guide work for you

Sometimes, you doubt – is an excursion guide working for tourists or for stores and restaurants? They choose a bad place for lunch and an expensive souvenir shops. They force you to waste a lot of time in a store where is no nothing interesting for you.

A private guide will give you the opportunity to choose a restaurant, will lead you to the store with the best price or better quality. It is up to you, how much time to spend inside.

A private guide will offer you places to eat and shopping that are not far from the main route and you will not lose much time.

The fifth reason – additional services

Some tourists ask for combined routes. Not all travelers are interested in visiting historical places, some need shopping or visiting festivals or sport events. In all these cases a private guide will be helpful.

The buying of tickets for events, the choosing the best route for shopping or the selection of the hotel closest to the festival location – this is not a complete list of additional services you may ask for from a private guide.

If any question about Russia, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Alexander Akimov

Private guide and any travel services

Do not hesitate to contact me

Skype: alexandr.akimov

E-mial: admin[at]

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