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Private guides in Moscow – it is a first-hand information

We are Russians, and we publish only actual information about our country on this website. Every day we walk on the streets of Moscow, and we know about reality in Russia much better than other writers who live in the United States, United Kingdom or other countries.

Maybe you will find spelling mistakes in our texts, but we want to ask you to be tolerant. English language is not native for us, and sometimes we make mistakes in spelling, but not in useful facts. In this case, please leave a comment, and we will fix the text quickly. Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

- We know the best places for safe and advantageous currency exchange and ready to share this information with our readers.

- We know places for purchasing souvenirs with a large range and best price. Read our articles, and you will learn about the best presents you can bring from Russia and the best places to buy it.

- We know the best routes and better time to travel by car or subway in Moscow. The traffic problem in our capital is serious, and this information is valuable for you.

We are in charge of all information at our website be actual.

- If something important for tourists changes in Russia, we will know about it, and will change our pages as soon as possible. Russia is a fast developing country, and it is hard to follow all the changes even for us.

- We keep the track of the most interesting events, and you always can open our pages and learn about them or contact us by email, Skype or other way of communication. – it is an information that is hard to find

When you arriving in a country new for you, everything seems difficult. You do not know how to pay for the subway ticket, where to eat or even rules that are necessary to comply with. We will help.

- We know an actual price of everything. Read our articles and nobody will be able to sell you anything for double price.

- We know attractions, interesting for foreigners and places usually not attractive for travelers from other countries.

- There are many places in Moscow that are not popular among foreign tourists, but these sites can cause great interest.

For example, there is a small town called “Kubinka“ not far from Moscow. The largest tank museum in the world is located near Kubinka town. Not many tourists visit it. Another example, small town called “Monino” with the unique open air museum of airplanes. We doubt many of tourist visited it.

In Moscow there is the best market to buy souvenirs called “Vernissage”. This is a wholesale market. When entering inside a souvenir shop in Russia, you should know most of goods came from Vernissage market. Nobody prevents you from visiting this market and buying all the presents from Russia for the lowest price. – we answer all important questions

During your travel to Russia, you will find a lot of problems you did not expect to appear. Russia seems a wild country for some foreigners. We know all the problems in advance.

- The first example, you will see a lot of taxi cars in Moscow, but you will find they are very difficult to catch. Most of the taxi drivers are working according online orders. You can spend scores of minutes standing with your extended hand and waiting until a free taxi car will stop.

- The second example, it is not easy to find a lavatory in Moscow. According our experience, many of foreigners accustomed to search for WC in a subway station, but in Moscow you will fail. You will be amazed in Moscow if you want to find a WC, then you will better look for McDonalds.

- The third example, not all of food kiosks in Moscow are safe. You should know, which type of food you should avoid. – it is a source of truthful information

We are not advertising anything with our articles. We are not in cooperation with hotels, restaurants or shops. Our goal is telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

We will never tell you one restaurant is good until we visit it by ourselves and sure in good quality of food and quality of service. We act as private guides and earn money from this service.

If we tell you about any dish of Russian cuisine and know it is not liked by most of foreign tourists, we write about it. We made it in our articles about sour cabbage or okroshka.

We will never tell you one gift shop has lower prices until we compare it with other players on the market. – we report you different opinions

When your guide is telling you about tourist sights, he usually expresses an official opinion. But you should not think all the Russians think this way. We know all of debatable problems.

For example, many of tourists visit the Lenin Mausoleum, but do not know the discussion about the future of the body of Vladimir Lenin. Some of Russians suggest to bury Vladimir Lenin according Christian rules and some defend the position it should stay inside the mausoleum.

The second problem is the signs in the Moscow subway. Most of them written only in Russian language. Russians are separated according opinion about it. Some say they should be duplicated in English to make Moscow more convenient for foreigners, but some of us protect insulating position for our country.

Guides will never tell you most of Russians support insulation. Fortunately, these people are not highly educated and not occupy any important managing positions. Unfortunately, now insulating idea is penetrating into minds of government management.

The next interesting example, is the monument for Peter The Great in Moscow. This huge monument by Zurab Tsereteli annoy many people here. Some of us consider it should be removed.

Read our website and your voyage to Russia will be amazing.

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