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Kompot – popular Russian fruit or berry drink


1 Introduction

2 Ingredients and cooking technology

3 Kompot as a part of Russian way of life

4 How and where to taste kompot in Russia

5 How to bring kompot from Russia

6 How to consume kompot - rules of decorum


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Kompot - is the national sweet beverage in Russia and many other countries of the Eastern Europe. It is made of berries and fruits, either dry or fresh. Kompot is delicious and healthy, it is why it's so popular.

In Moscow kompot is losing its positions as an everyday drink, most people prefer juices, soda or something else. But, in other regions of Russia it is a main beverage for most people.

We don`t know exactly when kompot was invented. Probably it appeared in the 19th century. The word "kompot" is the transformed French word "compot". In the French cuisine it is a sweet dessert - a fruit mash.

Of course, the similar beverages were known in Russia before. There is a drink that called "uzvar", but it was not so widespread.

Ingredients and cooking technology

Kompot is a simple beverage. It is made of any berries, fruits, or mix. Fruits in any condition are suitable - fresh, dried or canned. To cook this drink you will also need sugar or honey and water.

The technology can differ a little, depending of the ingredients. Usually, the fruits are boiled in water and then sugar should be added. Kompot is ready. In most cases it is too sweet to drink and it should to be diluted with water.

Kompot as a part of the Russian way of life

Winter in Russia is long and the human body needs vitamins. It is an old Russian tradition to preserve fruits and berries.

Russians conserve kompot in large glass cans, usually with a volume of 3 liters. You can see it in a photo on the left.

Conservation of kompot starts at the end of June when the first strawberry ripens and comes to end at the end of October when the last apples are gathered.

A good housewife can prepare up to 100 cans within one season. It would be enough for a large family during winter and spring. The jars are usually stored in any dark and cold place. For people in a countryside, their basement is the best choice. Russians who live in a cities use balconies.

Jars must be sterilized before use for preservation of kompot. The sterilization usually is made by steam or soda powder. As a result kompot can be stored up to 4 years. Cherry and plum kompot with bones are excluded; in this case it can be stored only one year.

In the times of the Soviet Union every family used its own recipe of kompot, and scores of a cans was prepared every year. The reason was simple - the empty shelves of the Soviet stores. Now in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other large cities this tradition disappears.

In supermarkets in Russia you can find glass cans, covers for them and special instruments for closing covers. The sample of this instrument you can see in the photo on the right.

Conserved kompot is a fully natural beverage without any artificial preservers, food dyes or flavor enhancers. It is the first reason why it is so popular in Russia.

Secondly, it is a very cheap way of eating fruits in the winter time and drinking delicious beverage rich with vitamins. Even apples cost in Russia twice more in winter and spring than in summer.

In Russia a few companies produce special kompot for kids. The most well-known brands are "Agusha" and "Fruto-Niania". These two brands are leaders in manufacturing and sales of baby food in Russia.

You may see such beverages in the small photo gallery below.

How and where to taste kompot in Russia

In most restaurants with Russian cuisine kompot should be present in the menu. Also, some Russian fast-foods like "Melenka", "Teremok" or "Kroshka Kartoshka" will offer you at least one sort of kompot.

You may purchase kompot in a supermarket. There are two types of this beverage. The first type is ready for drinking just after you open it. You may find it on the shelf with juices. Please, do not be surprised, that the price of kompot may be twice as higher than a juice price.

Please watch our small gallery of photos below.

The second type is a concentrated kompot. It is almost impossible to drink without diluting because it is too sweet. It is harder to find it in the hall of a supermarket because these glass cans are usually placed on the shelves with canned food.

Please see our gallery of photo below.

The price may be different - from 100 to 500 Russian rubles for one liter. It is strongly depends on a type of the fruits inside and the density.

How to bring kompot from Russia

Many tourists want to grab some presents for friends and family. Kompot seems a good idea.

We advise you to take jars with any high density kompot. Unfortunately, there is only one type of package - the glass can. It is not very convenient for transporting, because it is easy to break. We advice to wrap cans with something soft. Better to put it into a PE bag, and even if this can breaks, then your other stuff in the travel suitcase will not be spoiled. We advise to prefer jars with thick glass to avoid breaking.

How to consume kompot - rules of decorum

According to the etiquette, it is not correct to say "to drink a kompot", but it is correct to say "to eat a kompot". It is because at first it was a mash dessert and it was eaten, not drunken. Later this dish has transformed to beverage. The dish has changed, but the rules of decorum are still the same.

According to the etiquette you should not drink kompot directly from a glass. You should use a teaspoon for eating fruits and liquid. Most of people drink liquid from a glass without a spoon and eat fruits afterwards. This way is recognized as bad manner.

Kompot should be served not in a glass, but in a special cup. You can see such a cup in the photo on the left. Fruits should be inside. If there are no fruits, then it is not a kompot.

Unfortunately 90% of Russians have a poor knowledge about the etiquette. If you consume this dish in the right way, then most of the Russians will think you are a stranger.

We hope you will be pleased with national Russian beverages. You may read other articles about Russia at our website (links can be found below and at the left column).

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